World Travels Photography

Traveling began early on family vacations, with my first trip abroad to Greece and Turkey in 1970.  This grand trip, documented with Kodachrome 64, which remains archived - is a reminder of my first independent travel experience.  I remember it's sense of adventure and discovery, the viewfinder held against my eye framing images, and once home - the retrieval and excited viewing of my slides - captures of my trip.  The same thrill and enjoyment I experience today, with constant learnings and technical transitions pushing me and my eye forward.  

Botanical Photography

Mother was a gardener, as was my paternal grandfather. Many hours were spent in their company, tending and absorbing by their examples. I still remember my small self, staring transfixed at the wonder of new life pushing up at the edge of winter's coming into spring.  Growing my first crop of edibles at age eight, my excitement led me into the life of a gardener with curiosity, ever expanding my knowledge of the botanical world.  And so it continues with a tool in my hand, be it a spade or a camera.


Much like workable ceramic clay in feel, my chosen jewelry material, Metal Clay absorbs pattern and texture pressed into it.  This characteristic also allows for easily shaping and forming of pieces before the material hardens into metal through the firing process at high temperatures.  In some pieces natural or synthetic gems are set.  My work in this medium is composed fine silver (99.9% pure silver) and 24K gold.  

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